How to Decorate a Feminine Girl’s Bathroom in Your Home

Glitz and Sparkle

Sometimes a feminine bathroom design is the perfect thing for a house full of ladies. Whether it is an apartment suite, a house full of sorority sisters, or a bathroom for two sisters, a girl’s bathroom can add a feminine touch to your home décor. A girl deserves a bit of sparkle, a touch of glamour, and a hint of glitz to personalize and decorate her bathroom. A bathroom that is designed to bring out the beauty of the feminine decorative appeal can be a rewarding home improvement project. If you are tired of your bland and gender neutral bathroom design, follow these simple tips for a bathroom motif that is soft and feminine.

Decorate with Glitzy Perfume Bottles

Something magical, like a fairytale, happens when a girl’s bathroom is decorated with colorful and romantic perfume bottles. Perfume bottles are not only romantic and fragrant, but they are also designer friendly. Due to the glitzy glass design, the seductive colors, and the inspiring shapes and molds, perfume bottles make the perfect decorative accent for a feminine bathroom design. To add an extra touch of elegance to the girl’s bathroom, you can add beads or a beaded necklace to a bottle of perfume. The additional sparkle can bring a simple perfume bottle to a whole new decorative level.

Go Crazy with Mirrors

Mirrors are reflective and glamorous, so go crazy with mirror design in a girl’s bathroom. Ornate gilded mirrors, hand mirrors, and makeup mirrors can all bring a feminine decorate element to the bathroom design. One large metallic mirror can be used as a focal point for your feminine bathroom. In addition to being functional and attractive, glamorous mirrors can also make a bathroom space look much larger than it is. Mirrors reflect in a way that maximizes the space and dimensional elements of a bathroom. Feminine bathroom design rests on the incorporation of mirrors into the design of the space.

Pamper Yourself with Accessories

A girly bathroom is the perfect way to bring a pampering element to the room after a long day. A feminine bathroom can be filled with expensive lotions, designer perfumes, and luxurious toiletries. In addition, comfortable fabrics like a bathrobe and plush bath towels can be used to complement the girly motif. A feminine bathroom should make use of a satin lined shower curtain, lace window treatments, and a textured bath rug. If you need to add a feminine touch to your home, let a girly bathroom provide you with the perfect interior design element. Glitzy perfume bottles, glamorous mirrors, and pampering accessories will help you create a feminine bathroom suite that is luxurious and magical.