Preparing and Decorating a Child’s Bathroom

Like any room a child is likely to spend a lot of time in, a bathroom that will be visited often by children should be safe, accessible and fun. The decoration process of a children’s bathroom can be an exciting and memorable experience for you and your little one. Having the children take part in decision making matters such as colors and design ideas will make them feel comfortable with and look forward to visits the bathroom.


Here are 8 important tips and ideas for a child’s bathroom:

1. It is unnecessary to fill the bathroom with child sized “mini fittings”

Though it may seem practical and benefiting the children, going out and spending money on multiple mini items like low sinks or toilets is not completely necessary. Unless you feel it is absolutely required and you have the money for do it, a simple stool as well as a child-friendly toilet seat will easily do the same job at a smaller cost.

2. Prepare for a wet bathroom

It is a fact of life that lively children can cause a small bathtub to turn into an intense wave pool and children tend to be forgetful leading to faucets being left on. Just be sure that you don’t load the bathroom down with perishable items. Wall paper, papery pictures, and thick rugs are not a good idea. In fact, instead of using wool or cotton like rugs which will act as towels for the floor, use mesh or thin, non-water absorbing material in their place.

3. Make all surfaces anti-slippery

This is possible with the use of rubber mats in bottom of the bath tub and shower. Simi-rough gripping tape is also a good idea. Not only are anti-slippery precautionary important for child safety, but adults will be safer as well.

4. Lock up any dangerous areas of the bathroom

Just like with any environment children are prone to being in, a bathroom needs to be made into a safe and user friendly room. Child locks should be put on the handles of all cabinets, drawers, and storage areas that contain potentially harmful appliances, cleaners or other chemicals. If this is not possible due to the nature of the storage area, all hazardous items should be moved either out of reach or to another room.

5. Round out the pointy corners

Anyone who is around children knows how susceptible they can be to bumping into things. Due to their height, often their heads are the body part that will contact those sharp counter corners, sinks, shelves, etc. Most pointy marble, stone, or wooden corners can easily be dulled down with a small amount or sanding. Different sand paper roughness’s and textures are best suitable for various materials. Usually, a salesperson will be able to pin point what you need. However, if you are obligated not to do any sanding, different kinds of rubber or cloth covers can be made of bought to cover the corners.

6. Encourage Dryness

Constantly remind your children to keep themselves and the bathroom dry. Though it can be quite a task, try to keep them from standing while dripping on the floor.

7. Fun and colorful accessories

Having a cheerful theme inspired bathroom is a great idea that your children will love. Whether it is their favorite cartoon or Disney show, many different themes with countless decorations and fixtures are available.

8. Finally, make your children like bath time

Children often dread bath time, especially washing hair. Being sure the bathwater is warm and that they have multiple play toys to choose from will make the bath go a bit smoother. Afterwards, covering them in their favorite fluffy towel will make them feel well taken care of and cozy. Placing a portable heater in a safe location in the bathroom is also a wonderful way to ensure their kept warm.